Ep. 18 – A Permit?!

A peek behind the curtain of the shit we talk about before we hit record. Shout out to the morning runners, you gotta get that shit in while you can. Dudes is out here working Overtime on Saturdays. Summer Walker, “Over It”, dropped. Jeffanity talked extensively, sharing his love for this album. Also on theContinue reading “Ep. 18 – A Permit?!”

Se. 1 Ep. 1 – Problematic

Welcome to the BadKidz podcast, episode 1! The cast is brought to you 3 best friends and pseudo adults Jeffanity, xNickBeam & Cruz. Welcome good people of the interweb to our world of pop culture, rap/music talk, video games and what ever else comes up.In Music, this week send roses over to TDE’s Reason. JeffanityContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 1 – Problematic”