Season 3, Ep 1. The Bones

Ayo! Waddup and welcome. Fam, we are here on the first pod of 2021. We have a new season and bigger energy. Shit has hit the fan several times over since the last cast and there is a lot to dig into. On top of all that V-Let has been dropping a fury of releases, be sure to check those out in the episode notes as well. A small gander into the things the Badkidz cover this week are: the failed coup, Dr. Dre, legacies, and mental health via Azalea Banks. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode Notes

V-Let Releases: Beer in my system, Rockin, Soda, Poppin

“Inside the Caucacity” a badkidzlook at sounds about white news:

Man decides to inject mushrooms and nearly kill himself. Thought this was going to play out a lot like he beer gut guy story but i was wrong

Capital Hill Fallout

  • Trump held a rally while Congress was ratifying the election results. During that rally trump continued rhetoric that would lead idiots to believe that the election was stolen and that he had a land slide victory. 
  • Meanwhile in congress, Ted cruz and one of the senators from PA was losing their minds trying to refute these election results and  
  • The protesters from 

Bernie flips his meme into money for Vermont’s Meals on wheels. 

Artist News:

Dre. Death Scare.

Dre and Young married in 1995. They announced last July that they were divorcing due to irreconcilable differences.”

Larger Conversations: Our heroes have complicated legacies, who has a super complicated legacy that will over shadow their work or who has a legacy that will live 

Part of legacy conversation is this nigga funk flex cuz hes on jay-z dick pretty hard again

Prayers for Azalea Banks:

Meek, Jay and Social Justice:

Meek Mill and Jay-Z‘s criminal justice reform organization REFORM Alliance. The new laws will reduce adult felony probation sentences in Michigan from five years to three years, prevent endless extensions on misdemeanor and felony probation terms, limit jail sanctions for technical probation violations and require parole supervision terms to be tailored to a person’s individualized risks and needs.

Michigan had the sixth highest rate of probation supervision in the country. Now that Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the bills into law, Michigan is on pace to decrease the state’s overall caseloads by 8.4 percent.

Something to note: Michigan has been budding i would say. Governor don’t take no shit after her constituents try to kidnap her, this law, legalized recreational, there are charges for officials for the water crisis that occuredon top of just great music coming out that way.

Tsushima temple earns 540% over its crowdfunding goal in part to the sucker punch banger.


Benny – Announced that he and harry fraud are back together for the plugs i met 2 set to come out in march.

Benny & West – Conflicted, Griselda movie

Conway said he’s dropping something end of january

When do you think each of them takes their break?

Drake, delays the confirmation of his status as a Certified Lover Boy so he can focus on rehab. 


Custom Console fiasco

Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki is back from a hiatus with a self created studio. Man has a history of working for Xbox, xbox is snatching up everything in sight. Will this inspire me to finish ninja gaiden ? No

Pokemon snap is coming back (We would have preferred a soul silver, heart goal announcement but this is good) so get your camera ready. CAn’t wait to see how they turn this toxic.

music label and publisher Materia Collective aint been paying motherfuckers and the producers are not having it. 

“A growing number of game composers have accused music label and publisher Materia Collective of failing to pay royalties on songs and streams going back almost two years.

Famed for their work on tribute albums for the likes of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Materia took over publishing duties for the Celeste soundtrack back in July 2019, after composer Lena Raine handed off distribution rights to work on other projects. But last week, contributing artist 2 Mello claimed on Twitter that he hadn’t received payment for his work on Celeste’s B-sides—and that “at least” three other musicians on the album, which includes remixes of the game’s original soundtrack and is sold for $5, had not been paid since that date.

Larger conversation, why do niggas hate paying producers? 

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