Ep. 19 – Move Your Life Aside

Hey, yo! Welcome back to another week hangin’ with the bois on the Badkidzpod. Immediately we get into the fact that Jeremy Renner and his wife are out her wylin and we need to know why. Fuck Hawkeye is the official stance of the BadKidz. Check your state and make sure you are safe against revenge porn. We check-in about Hong-Kong and the implications on some of our favorite things. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at badkidzpod.wordpress.com.

Hong Kong Crash Course – https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-extradition-bill-rocking-hong-kong/2019/06/11/12a7907c-8c26-11e9-b6f4-033356502dce_story.html

NBA & China
The league has spent years and many millions of dollars investing in China, helping to build courts, giving broadcasting rights away for free and bringing its stars over for preseason games.
China makes up at least 10% of the league’s current revenue, according to one analyst, and the country is expected to contribute even more than that over the next decade
The general manager of the Rockets tweets some pro-democracy shit & motherfuckers start reacting . Tweet said “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” has since been deleted.

China & Blizzaed

The BadKidz Rank Disney Originals

NickBeam’s List:
Luck of the irish
Full Court Miracle
DoubleTeamed Smart House

Halloween Town Cadet Kelly

Cruz’s List
Halloween Town
Johnny Tsunami

Wale !! Wow…that’s crazy is amazing. Wale is amazing
Favorite Tracks
Beam’s Pick: Sue Me
Jeffanity’s Pick: Pole Dancer
Cruz’s Pick: Love

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